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Potomac Paws LLC

Recipient of the 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 NextDoor Neighborhood Favorites Award! 
Providing Dog Walking, and Pet Care Services to Fort Hunt's surrounding 22308 community.
Over 500 pets cared for!

Dog Walking & Letouts

Activity and human interaction is a key part of a dog’s wellbeing. We strive to give every home specialized care that meets the specific needs of you and your pet(s). Our attention is always on the pup(s) we are walking to ensure their safety and wellbeing are always met.

If you have a dog that doesn’t like to walk, we also provide letouts in the yard so your pets can get outside time, have a potty break, and have social interaction with us!

Potomac Paws is accepting all clients at this time, including morning and mid-day visits.  

Pet Care Services

Whether you are gone for the day, or taking a week+ long trip, Potomac Paws provides the care for your pets as if they were ours. We work to make sure every family has visits for their pets that meet their needs. We have taken care of pets for as long as 18 straight days.

We don’t charge anything extra for holiday visits, last-minute bookings, and are flexible if you need to extend your trip or are coming home early!

All pet care is subject to scheduling availability. Please contact us for more information!


We do not charge extra for any of the following: initial consultation, processing/admin fees, holiday visits, same-day requests, peak time, before/after hour charges, travel time, or administering medicine.

We also have a flexible cancellation policy.

Single-Pet Rates for daily visits:
15-minute visit: $18
20-minute visit: $21
30-minute visit*: $28

Multi-Pet Rates for daily visits:
15-minute visit: $21
20-minute visit: $24
30-minute visit*: $31

*For visits longer than 20 minutes, please inquire as subject to scheduling availability. 

Areas outside of coverage area are billed an $3 per visit in addition to visit rate and subject to availability.

Pet Sitting or for 3+ daily visits:

Any petsitting of less than 3 visits per day for dogs will REQUIRE dogs to have self access to the outside for potty breaks.

Pet sitting: 3 visits per day: Starting at $68+**
Pet sitting: 4 visits per day: Starting at $78+**

For 4 visits, we schedule early morning, late morning/early afternoon, evening, and a late-night visit.

Cat-only sitting: Cost varies and will be billed based on the above 15-minute increments and on the requested number of daily visits.

**If you have a preferred schedule or length of visits needed, please contact Potomac Paws directly about specific care plan needed and associated pricing.

Accepted Payments: Cash, Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, Zelle, or Pay by check. 

What’s Included

Potomac Paws customizes our care to meet the needs of each client and their pet(s).

Visits include:
– Outdoor activity with walks or backyard play for pets to go potty and have social time

– Feeding and treats as requested by client

– Water bowl check and refill

– Administer oral medication (as needed)

– Wash used food bowls and dishes

– Paws, paw pads, and body wiped down during inclement weather

– Obedience and command reinforcement (through positive approach)

– “Pupdate” sent at each visit to include photo(s) or video(s) of your pet(s)

– For cats, we check litter every visit and love to interact with our kitty clients! We also can administer meds, and will do feedings (wet or dry) at whatever frequency is requested.

We will also check mail, bring in packages, set out/bring in trash bins, clean up any pet messes, water plants (as requested) and any other small tasks asked. 

Our Value

We strive to bring the best quality value to every Potomac Paws client.
Potomac Paws has cared for over 325 pets in our local area!


Our pets are our family. We understand how important your pets are and want to make sure our clients and their pets are protected. Becoming insured and bonded was not only essential to our business, but also for our clients’ peace of mind. We have clients who need to ensure that whether they have a new puppy, or a pet that is near end of life, that their pet will have the best possible care every single visit. We are dedicated to caring for your furry family members and strive to do all we can to ensure their safety.


Pets, like humans, are different in age, size, weight, build, and energy. We want each pet to have a custom experience, tailored to their needs and giving them the right care. We typically walk with dogs individually to ensure they get the proper care and promote safety throughout. Multiple dogs being walked are with the same family unless two clients specifically request interaction between their pets. This maximizes the dog’s opportunity to get the interaction and care needed at every visit.


During our free consultation visit, we want to get to know you and your pet. We adjust our approach based on your pet’s personality and temperament to ensure your pet is cared for as if it was our own. Exercising and human engagement with pets have many positive benefits: curbing aggressive/disobedient behavior; reduces hyperactivity, fat, and weight; and improves overall health (including muscle, endurance, mental stability).

Our goal is simple; we want to make sure every client is getting the specific care they want and need for their pets, with an expectation that Potomac Paws will deliver that care each and every time.


One issue with a service industry is knowing if people actually show up and do the work we commit to. Potomac Paws is unwaivering in our integriy and commitment to our clients and their pets. In 2021, we launched a customer portal and app for clients to receive updates after each visit and allows for direct communication with our clients! We provide details of each visit, documenting the service specific to your pet and photos of your pet from the visit. We want to ensure every pet owner has complete trust and peace of mind. 

We also keep pricing simple. We don’t lock clients into contracts or have “gotcha” add-on pricing. Pricing is based on whether you are a single pet home or multi-pet home, and how long your vists are. That’s it!


Since all of our clients’ needs are different, we provide whatever level of service is needed and are often available for impromptu visits. Also, we don’t charge for consultations, holiday bookings, or same-day appointments, nor do we charge extra during visits to check mail, set out/bring in trash bins, feed, clean up pet messes, or administer oral medication.

We have one of the most flexible cancellation policies in the industry as well!


It can be extremely difficult to trust someone new to be responsible for your pets and your home. Potomac Paws hires within our service area to ensure our team members are also members of our community. Our team already knows the neighborhoods and community and allows our team to provide greater flexibility and continuity of care.

All team members use our client portal so you receive consistent communication.

Service Area

Potomac Paws services the following communities and surrounding areas for dog walking and pet care:

Zip Codes
Service area includes all of 22308 heading north on Fort Hunt Road to Paul Spring Parkway and Alexandria Avenue.

Neighborhoods/Communities Supported:
ALL Fort Hunt-Stratford neighborhoods,
Collingwood/Collingwood Road,
Collingwood Springs,
Hollin Hall,
River Bend Estates, 
Stratford Landing,
Stratford on the Potomac,
Williamsburg Manor

Contact us

If you are interested in our services, have questions, feedback, or need additional information, please use the form below to contact Potomac Paws, LLC. For client inquiries, please include the area you live and the number/types of pet(s) you need to have care for so we can provide help provide the most accurate pricing! We will get back to you as quickly as possible!

A little bit about Potomac Paws

How this whole thing started…

Potomac Paws owner Ryan Dempsey loves being around animals. As a kid, Ryan constantly interacted with his family’s dogs and worked on obedience and play. Shortly after graduating college, Ryan and his wife Kerry adopted their first pet, a cat named Freckles. Because their cat has special needs that makes her quality of life best as a single pet, Ryan’s desire to adopt a dog was put on hold. During his senior year of college, Ryan began his journey of what has become a passion for running (specifically, half-marathons). He has completed 16 total half-marathons, and has a personal goal of running a half-marathon in every state.  Running also helped Ryan lose 74 pounds and gain confidence in life coaching. In 2018, Ryan’s “puppy fever” was at an all-time high. Although he is still unable to adopt a dog of his own,  Ryan realized that he could merge two passions into one dream, and thus Potomac Paws LLC was born… Since October 2018, Ryan has provided care for more than 325 of the community’s four-legged family members, and he loves every one of his Potomac Paw Pals!

Our Team: Sharon, former owner of Lucky Dog Walkers LLC, officially joined Potomac Paws in January 2022. Sharon has more than 7 years of experience running her own successful dog walking business. I have known Sharon since 2007 and she was instrumental in mentoring me in creating Potomac Paws. What’s even better is that Sharon is my mother-in-law and is helping provide care to Potomac Paws customers along with spending time with her grandchildren!

Kerry is my incredibly supportive spouse that assists with pet visits on occasion to our clients. Without Kerry’s support of me to pursue my dream of building this company, Potomac Paws would have never blossomed to the company it has become. Kerry is particularly obsessed with kitties and big breed dogs.

Kim is a mother of four and retired remember of our military. Kim loves being active and has a retired service pup of her own! Kim loves starting and ending her day with snuggling furbabies in addition to all of the love she gets from them in between!

Samantha is a George Mason graduate, earning a degree in events management. Sam was born and raised in the Fort Hunt community and has a pup of her own! She loves music festivals and being around four-legged furbabies!

Michael grew up in the Fort Hunt area and absolutely LOVES being with pets. Michael not only assists with dog walks and pet care services, but also assists with Potomac Paws administative responsibilities! Michael’s dream is to become a certified dog trainer and have a lifelong career in the pet industry!

Abby is a West Potomac High School graduate moving on to college! She will return during breaks to assist as she is able and is an ambitious and hardworking student with exceptional communication skills.

Pictured center is our little angel Freckles (R.I.P.), flanked by my niece pups Fiona and Maggie.